Pickup Delivery

Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service in Oceanside

Dhobee Laundry offers convenient pickup and delivery laundry service on Mondays and Thursdays. Have your laundry picked up on Mondays and it will be delivered washed and folded on Thursdays. Call us for a Thursday pickup and we will deliver your clean clothes the following Monday.

We provide laundry service to the nearby areas of Dumfries, Woodbridge, Montclair, Quantico, Quantico Marine Base Triangle, Occoquan, Garrisonville, and Stafford. Our laundry service areas include most areas of Prince William County.

Dhobee Laundry charges $1.50 a pound for laundry service. We ask for a 20- pound minimum. Please give us 24-hours notice before a laundry pickup.

Your clothes will be cleaned with Arm & Hammer, no scent detergent. The detergent has Oxiclean in its formula for stain fighting. We use Downey dryer sheets, and Clorox bleach (when requested). Clothes are folded neatly and/or hung up depending on the item.

So, schedule a laundry pickup. You will love this service and it will free up your time to do things you really want to do!

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