Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, Dhobee Laundry has more than 100 machines.

The laundromat opens at 7 am and closes at 11 pm. The last load should be in the machine by 10 pm. The only days the laundromat is closed are Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

We are in a shopping center so there is lots of parking.

Not only does Dhobee Laundry have WIFI, but we have lots of outlets to recharge your device.

Our wash and fold is $1/pound. If you need same-day service, it is $1.25 a pound. There is a 10 pound minimum.

We do pick up and delivery for your business or for your personal laundry. We charge $1.50 a pound and there is a $30 minimum charge. The two days that we do drop off and pick up are Monday and Thursday.

You can bring quarters or use our bill changers. We also have Apple Pay, Spyder Wash, Debit Cards and an ATM.

We use Arm & Hammer no scent detergent, but you are welcome to bring your own detergent if you prefer.

We have washing machines that are as large as 80 pounds and super large dryers as well.

We service most of Prince William County including Dumfries, Woodbridge, Montclair, Quantico, Quantico Marine Base, Triangle, Occoquan, Garrisonville and Stafford. Just schedule a pick up.

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