Commercial Laundry

Commercial LaundryCommercial Laundry & Linen Services with Pickup and Delivery in Dumfries

If you're looking for the best commercial laundry services in Dumfries, contact Dhobee Laundry. Businesses that need laundry services include hotels, motels, gyms, spas, churches and temples. We wash linens, clothes and uniforms for restaurants, medical offices, barber shops, as well as hair and nail salons.

Dhobee Laundry provides commercial laundry service whether you drop off your laundry at our facility or schedule a pick up at your business.

Our professional laundry services for businesses uses the best products. We use Arm & Hammer no scent detergent made with Oxiclean for stain removal. We use Downey dryer sheets, and Clorox Bleach upon request. You tell us whether you want your commercial items folded or hung up on hangers.

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