Dhobee Laundromat Washers 2

About Dhobee Laundry in Dumfries - Manassas

Dhobee Laundry started serving customers in 2014, but it was actually 30 years ago when the story really started. Nilraj Chudasama, Dhobee’s Founder and CFO (Chief Folding Officer) started spending time at his parents’ hotel washing and folding sheets and towels. His Mother and father taught him to take pride in his work—to never cut corners and to obsess over quality. Dhobee, which means wash was then created.

Dhobee Laundry, formerly called Big Coin Laundry of Dumfries, was built in 2000 and closed in 2011. In 2014, the laundromat was retooled with all new top-rated equipment. In 2017, Nilraj Chudasama purchased the coin operated laundromat and made it the finest laundromat around. 

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